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Which Contact Number Is the Best for Booking.Com customer service?

0844 776 9613

Note that any call to 084 numbers will go at a cost of 7 pennies per minute. An access charge by your phone provider will also count.

This is a company that is majorly for booking deals say hotel accommodation, rental home accommodation, flights, holiday bookings and other travel books. Although it is based in the UK, services are stretched out to reach out to the rest of the world. For whatever budget you have, will sort your booking as you wish. Whatever city you want to go, it’s the site that will give you the best deal with regard to reservations. Holidaymakers and individual travelers are the targeted people here. The corporates are however not left out. Companies and firms wishing to regular travel and lodging needs are also allowed to do their booking as entities. That comes with added benefits as well.

Customer services for are easy to access and made available to all the clients. Local helplines are operational around the clock. And so are all other helplines stretching to the global scale. However, its English language adopted in communication. It is better to be ready with required details before you make the call.

Account details and email address info are some of the essentials required when calling your helpline. Confirmation emails will also give pin codes and booking references that might also be required by the representative on the phone to access your account.

In case the confirmation address never came, it is important you follow up and have it resent. The same case applies if you deleted it without consent.

In such a business as, it’s the tickets that matter. Without the tickets, clients have nothing. But is making life easier for customers. You don’t have to wait till the hard copy ticket is delivered. You can have access to whatever flight of accommodation you have paid for via the app on This app works for tablet and smartphone devices. By scanning QR code, feeding in your phone number or email address, you are free to download the app. With this app, you don’t need to print the tickets. The app itself is enough to guarantee pass or light boarding whenever needed. The app an also gives directions to users who are in various cities for their first time, give updates on travel bookings directly and enable them book via their phones without necessarily accessing either the debit or credit cards.

Commonly asked questions

Is it possible to update or cancel a reservation?

Yes it is. You just need to pick up your phone and booking com contact helpline. You will be guided on how to change or cancel your book.

Will I be charged for updating or canceling my reservation?

It is common for people to be fined when they agree to be bound by a contract and then decide to bleach it. Generally, this rule goes slow on the clients. You can cancel or update your reservation without having to pay extra money. However, you should go through the confirmation email to see if there are any special policies. That works more especially for special reservation deals.

Can I use a different credit card to the one I used for the initial reservation?

These days, accommodation facilities are offering a diverse mode of payment to ensure convenience on the side of the clients. That being the case, they will accept several modes of payments say cash or credit cards. However, rather than gambling with any payment mode, it’s better to have it clarified by the customer care agent. He/she is just a phone call away.

When do I report in and out of hotel?

Knowing the right time to be at the right place is essential info. will offer such details via the confirmation email sent to the clients. Checking the hotel policies part within the hotel’s page will give you the details you need.

Further details

It is a business that came to life about 23 years ago. It is a fraction of a bigger Priceline Group that bring together deals including, kayak, Open Table and

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