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River Island customer service number for enquiries

If you are seeking to contact River Island, then you might have found it a bit challenging to use other means. For instance, there are people who might choose to use their email address. However, the truth is that it will take some time before they replay even though they will eventually. River Island have established a helpline number where their customers can easily reach them and get help. Their customer service phone number is there to ensure that their customers reach their representative agents for help.

For River Island customer service, getting help via a telephone contact is the simplest and easiest way to reach their customer care. They have well-trained agents who will be ready to attend to all your issues. There are those who try contacting them through a post. However, it is more preferable to have a call picked rather than wait for a response for too long via a post when your case is urgent.

Why would you want to contact river island?

There are a number of reasons that will call for you to contact River Island and have them sort out your problems. If you want to go shopping, you can contact them in order to find out which one of their shop is closer to you. If you want to exchange an item from them or need to get a refund, then calling them is a good idea. If there is fraud incidences in your account, then you should contact them to prevent further damage. Other reasons include:

  • If you want to give them a feedback concerning some questions
  • Modification or cancellation of an order
  • If you want to update delivery information or billing
  • Inquiries about their online shopping

Whenever you realize there is something wrong in your account like a wrong item being delivered, you should contact their customer care immediately. They will be able to make a cancelations if necessary or change an item for you.

Some little bit of history about River Island

River Island is a company whose headquarters is in London. It is deals with street fashion and also operates a number of markets all over the world ever since it was founded back in 1948. At the time of creation, it was owned by the Lewis family and they still do even now.

In the year 1993, River Island launched its international presence. During this year, they started with a store in Ireland where they began their operations. With those years passing by, it has grown into an international brand with a large number of customers.

Expanded operations

Currently, this brand has opened stores in many other countries. It has opened its shops in places like Europe, Russia and even in the Middle East. It has expanded its boundaries to reach over a 100 countries. All people in these countries can now do their online shopping and have their purchased items shipped to them. With time, this brand has grown in terms of popularity. One of the reasons for this is because of their affordable prices and unique products.

However, whenever you make a call to River Island, make sure it is not about shopping orders. This is because they never accept shopping orders via a telephone. You should therefore not call them for this reason.

Tips to consider when calling customer care

In order to make your customer care service exceptional and pleasant, there are a number of tips that should be considered. This will make it easy for you to save time and get help more easily. If you decide to make a call via a landline, the rates for this call could be cheap. A reason is better since it has a stronger signal than a mobile phone which could have a signal disconnection. Such an occurrence could lead to another process of making the call again. A landline is thus a better option than a mobile phone.

During the peak hours, River Island can have their helpline number get very busy. Considering their international presence, there are many people calling them at any given time. To try and escape this traffic jam, call their helpline number immediately they open at 8am in the morning. This before everyone has started making the calls which will jam the system.

As you make your call, there will be a list of options which will be given to you. All of these are according to the different number of options which will connect to a different department in each case. However, if you have a complicated issue, then press zero or the hash key for a number of times. By doing this, you will be connected to the next customer service agent who is available.


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